Friday, 30 January 2009

Team Cup - the Clip

Overview of the Tournament

Monday, 19 January 2009

1st White Dragon Team Cup - 17. Januar

Puhh, managed.
The last week was a really tough one. Much to organize. But yesterday it was done: all the teams with their teachers were on time and came with quite a good and positive mood to the "Schloßwallhalle". Virtually every team had an illness or loss of one kind or another to fight with, especially the Chow Gar group from Ali Ol hid it hard: they were only 2 participants, which then had to start in each category (except for Sanda) twice.
Fairly in time we started with the lion dance and then I welcomed the spectators, participants and teachers. A brief overview of the program and we were already going on with the competitions. New was the KO_System also in the form - categories. And it was a good choice. The competitions were so exciting to the end. Hardly a team or athlete felt unfairly assessed, as it always was the direct comparison.
In the background, ran the organization by members of the Association Bailung fairly smoothly, there was a small problem with a kiosk on the ground, but nothing serious.
The competitions have been the form of 5 arbitrators and evaluated by the leadership of Mike Martello, they were really very fair and balanced. With the referee were: Nicolai Schild, Christian Kubiak, Thomas Maltz, Ali Ol, Holger Meyer and Kai Osagahara.
After a brief pause, there was rebuilding the Sanda competitions. And here my hopes were not disappointed. The Sanda was really cool. It was not fullcontact but also no expression dance. It was disciplined and fair with the intention and commitment to fight. Although Leif Daßbeck from Hamburg Wanfu really had a hard stand with his weight difference with the other fighters, but he did it with dedication and competitive technology and provided very good fights. A pity that for a placement it was not enough.
Overall, the participants also take a positive experience and I hope that this kind of Sanda wins more friends.

Finally, of course, was the winning team honored: the QiXing Tang Lang group of GEA Happel eV from Herne! However, only very slightly (2 points) before Team1 of the Bulaimei school from Bremen.

Here are the results in detail:
Hand forms:
1. Julia Kunter - GEA Happel Herne
2. Raufi wet - Wu Zhen / Bailung eV
3. Thorsten Or - Shaolin Velbert 1
Short Weapons:
1. Dieter de Potter - Wu Zhen / Wutang Antwerp
2. Sabrina Hainke - Bulaimei Bremen 1
3. Andreas Kichgessler - Chow Gar victories
Long Weapons:
1. Marco Alello - Shaolin Velbert 1
2. Dennis Prieß - Wu Zhen / Bailung eV
3. Patrick Peltzer - Bulaimei Bremen 1
Partners forms:
1. Leif Daßbeck / Julian Thomann - Wanfu Hamburg
2. Mike Kessler / Rene Herfarth - GEA Happel Herne
3. Luisa Korte / Cecilia Korte - Wu Zhen / Bailung eV
1. Tobias Nicklaus - Bulaimei Bremen 2
2. Mats Petersen - Bulaimei Bremen 1
3. Patrick Schmidt - GEA Happel Herne

Team Scoring:
1. GEA Happel Herne - 9 points
2. Bulaimei Bremen 1 - 7 points
3. Shaolin Velbert 1 - 6 points

A hearty congratulation to all winners and to all teachers and helpers, participants a warm thank you!

Oh yes: the "after-show party at our club was also very nice and cozy. We still had plenty of catering and the groups of Christian and Holger Meyer Kubiak came with a time to celebrate and to chit-chat. All very relaxed.
We will provide the tournament in the next (or the end of this) year again. It was, in our view, a resounding success.

A special Thanks goes out to my teacher Mike Martello, who came from Antwerp to Germany for judging and leading the Event. Thank You Mike Sifu!

For Photos watch HERE

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Interview with Mike Sifu

Here´s a great interview on a eZine I held with Mike Sifu some Weeks ago: Interview