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Teachers at Belgium Camp and October Seminar Germany

Zhang Xin Bin:
Master Zhang was born in Beijing in the year 1954. In his late teens, he became a student of Master Zhang Guizeng and started his training in Baiyuan Tongbei.
In addition to Master Zhang Guizeng's teachings, he also studied traditional Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao) from Master Yang Guozhen, pushing hands (Tui Shou) from Master Jiang Qimin and Internal Fist (Yiquan) from Masters Li Jianyu and Yu Yongnian.

Master Zhang is currently a 6th Dan Wushu Coach and Chief Instructor of the Beijing People's Martial Arts Association. He is known for his excellent methods of building martial power and superb fighting skills. His first visit to Europe was in August 2005 and since then he has enthralled students and instructors with his depth and passion for the Chinese Martial Arts.

This autumn, Master Zhang will be back in Europe to teach various skills from the Tongbei system, including Tongbei Neigong Internal Power Cultivation Methods, Tongbei Fighting Applications and Double-Handed Saber.

Master Zhang Xin Bin demonstrates a Tong Bei drill. (photo KL)

Yu Shaoyi:
Master Yu Shaoyi, one highest ranking masters of Chinese judo (known as "shuaijiao"), is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Beijing People's Martial Arts Association and also Chief Instructor of the Beijing Shuaijiao team.

Born in the year 1955, and started his martial arts training in 1970, learning the art of Chinese-Mongolian wrestling called Shuaijiao from renowned wrestling expert master Wang Ruiying. From 1973 onwards, he also learned the styles of Xingyi and Bagua from Master Sun Ruxian.
In 1975, he became the disciple of Tongbei master Zhang Guizeng, from whom he learned the art of Muslim Baiyuan Tongbei. Apart from the above-mentioned styles, master Yu has also trained extensively in Sanda (Chinese boxing).

As a member of the Beijing Shuaijiao team, Master Yu has participated in many martial arts contests throughout his career and has won numerous awards. He was two-times regional Shuaijiao champion of Beijing for the period of 1981- 1982. In 1999 Master Yu received two Awards for Outstanding Performance at the Taizhou International Martial Arts Competition. He is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Beijing People's Martial Arts Association, and also Chief Instructor of the Shuaijiao team.

Having mastered the battle-hardened techniques and old-school training methods of traditional Shuaijiao, Master Yu is now one of the highest ranking Shuaijiao experts in Beijing . He is famous for his excellent fighting skills and also widely respected for his knowledge of the shuaijiao system and its traditions.

Master Yu Shaoyi helping a student. (photo KL)

Sun Ruxian:
Master Sun Ruxian has dedicated his life to the pursuit of Chinese martial arts excellence, having studied several systems from famous masters in Beijing. As a youth, he became a student of Liu Qingquan, the son of Liuhemen master Liu Caichen, learning the arts of Liuhequan, Tangquan and Yueshi Lianquan.

Master Sun then went on to pursue the arts of Xingyi, Bagua, Shaolin and Six Harmony Praying Mantis from various masters including Masters Men Huifeng, Liu Jingru, Qin Qingfeng and Du Jinguo. Furthermore, he has intensive training in the arts of Iron Palm and Red Sand Palm. His specialties are Xingyi and Shaolin Five Forms Eight Methods Boxing.

Apart from teaching in Beijing, China, Master Sun has also taught Chinese martial arts in Japan and Switzerland. With his knowledge in various martial arts systems and his extensive teaching experience, Master Sun continues to dazzle martial arts practitioners within China and abroad.

Master Sun Ruxian teaching the Shaolin stick.

Mike Martello:
Mike Martello is Director of the Wu Tan Federation of Belgium. Recently awarded the Taiwanese Kuo Shu medal of achievement for his work in Chinese martial arts, Mike Martello has been studying and teaching martial arts for over twenty five years.

Mike grew up in New York, where street fighting was a regular occurrence. "In New York City, kids had to be tough and know how to defend themselves; otherwise you'd just get clobbered."

Following years of training in gymnastics and sports, he began to learn martial arts for practical reasons. "First, it was to learn how to fight, but it really saved me when I was a teenager. It taught me both discipline and respect." Twenty years later, Mike Martello appreciates not only the practical aspects of martial arts, but also the beauty of the art form and culture.

Mike began his early training with classical boxing from his father, then at the age of 11 was introduced to kung fu by Teacher Teddy Wong (New York City). He later became a disciple under the tutelage of Master Su Yu-Chang, specializing in all styles of Tanglang (Praying Mantis), Baji Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Pigua Zhang, Hsing-I Chuan , Tai Chi Chuan and Weapons. Mike also co-teaches with the Wu Tan Organization in Taipei Taiwan. In 2001 he was appointed by Mrs. Liu Yun-Chiao and the Taiwanese Wu Tan Organiztion as a Wu Tan Director.

Today still, Mike continues to travel and study Chinese Martial Arts in Taiwan with Grandmaster Wang Chieh, specializing in Yue Jia San Shou (Yue Family Style), Ba Bu Tanglang (Praying Mantis), Bai He Chuan (White Crane), Joint Locking (Chin-Na), Tai Chi, Push Hands (Tuei Shou) and Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling).

Master Mike Martello demonstrates gently a throw whilst locking the head. (photo KL)

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