Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Your spirit remains, I promise!

Dear sifu Mike,

It has been almost a year since your death, lots have happened. A school has been made to honor you where your good friend and Kung Fu brother Zhang Xin Bin Laoshi is teaching new students. Kim is the coach and is doing a good job. That seed has been put and the school will continue to blossom.

The old students have done their best to help, as much as possible and as much as they can.
In life, you have touched our hearts and soul with your care and knowledge. In death you opened our senses to become leaders of our own path and destiny. We all have taken time and space to reflect your present and absence.

I just want to tell you not to worry about us, we are training again. By ourself, with other kung fu brothers and sisters. And we learned how important this friendship is, as we continue to share our memories of you during training and food afterwards. These few weeks we started to share our Kung Fu knowledge which you have taught us individually. I started back my basics in Tan Tui and Long Fist. But also the Miao Dao basics as you have told me to do after you gave me my belt. I am also learning Mantis basics, and hope you don't mind but I get good guidance from a Kung Fu sister you loved. (She is improving too, the fire you wished to see in her has manifested during training, I have seen it)

I have learned a lot about myself since your passing, and wish I knew it before so I wouldn't make all these mistakes. But life is pretty much unpredictable, such as your death. And with these mistakes, we learn. I believe we all have learned from it and become better as individuals.

Two Kung Fu brothers (and a sister) are soon to be father and mother of a baby child. And another is going to get married. They all miss you and still talked with much love about you.

Don't worry about the students, we will continue to train and look after eachother. Together we will grow in our training.

I have started a new blog, I hope you like it.

Your student and friend,