Monday, 6 October 2008

Report Martial Arts Camp (ongoing)

I have just come back from camp B (which is for 2 weekends and camp A lasts for nine days) and this is a little report of the first weekend ....Bare with me for more info, I am writing on the fly... Let me check out some photos and put it up. It works easier for me to write. Here photos of the 1st and 2nd day:

1st Day: Welcome speech (Wim, René, Mike Laoshi, Sun Laoshi, Yu Laoshi),
notice the humbleness of the teachers.

Loosening the body using Pigua exercise and Yang style chi kung.

More Chi Kung, back to basics and grounding.
With Mike Laoshi going through each student's movement.

After breakfast and some rest: Groups are made for different styles.
I did Tongbei: here Zhang Laoshi demonstrates the same usage between
a block and a elbow strike. 

Some groundwork tips from our fellow student.

After lunch and some rest: Xing Yi sword: Sun Laoshi demonstrates that

weapon forms and hand forms helps eachothers (Xing Yi straight sword)

More Xin Yi sword from Sun Laoshi, but this one is from day 1 and the one above from day 2.

End of the first day training: advance dynamic stretching by Mike Laoshi.

Evening treat: A lecture on Chinese history by Rene.

Some photos from outside the training:

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