Thursday, 7 May 2009

A trip to Beijing and the search for power in Kung Fu

After some unlucky events since the start of 2009, I finally got myself a trip to Beijing. The trip includes visiting a soulmate, the writing of an essay, and training with some Kung Fu teachers in the park. Thought I was expecting to train for the coming 2 and half weeks, I realise that training with the teachers will start from monday. I was a little disappointed, but sometimes it is good to take a step back and see what you have, not what you don't have. So at first I was reluctant to include the first week of my stay here in China in the blog. What do I write about? Then it occures to me that Kung Fu is every where. It is incorporated in the daily life of a Chinese. It is in their cooking, the calligraphy, their respect for the young and the elderly, their negotiating in business, the creative mind for a better life. There is so much for me to see and to learn. So for the following few days, I will try to experience their way of life. I am sure it will lead to more understanding to Kung Fu.

Meanwhile, I have one question in my mind for quite some time: "where is the power?" "what are the exercise needed for cummulating chi and develop it into practical strength? On my arrival, I wrote a full page on my thoughts, my doubts and my discovery. However, the draft was raw and emotional, so I will not publish this. Instead I have put the text away and now, after a few days, things have become more clear and thoughts are much more rational. This is a good time for training.

I will explain my question on power later...

(photo: sunrise before Beijing, copyright: the author)

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