Thursday, 11 June 2009


From Rosa, (Mike laoshi's partner)

As of Sunday, 7 June 2009, Zhang Laoshi, Yu Laoshi and Rene Ming Fai Ho have come from Beijing to pay their respects to Mike. I have decided to keep the school open in honor of Mike and have appointed Zhang Laoshi as master instructor. I will oversee the administrative affairs and make sure the transition runs smooothly. Kim from Norway will be moving to Belgium to help with the classes as well. Kim, I and several senior students will lead classes when Zhang is in Beijing. He will be coming to Belgium on a regular basis from now on. I know Mike would want to continue building traditional Chinese martial arts here in Europe. We resumed classes 10 June 2009 in keeping with Mike’s belief in practice and continuity. I have discussed this transition with the students and they are all very supportive. Before he passed away, Mike had already changed the name of his school to ZHEN WU Martial Arts to honor his teacher Wang Jie Laoshi in Taiwan. We will keep the name of ZHEN WU to respect Mike’s wishes. Future website:


see also: Howard laoshi, the son of Grandmaster Wang has put up the last chat from him with Mike Laoshi. It shows the caring mind of teacher Mike as a student and a teacher. Also great interaction between two high level and wise friends.

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