Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New training space, first impression

Yesterday, we trained at the new space for the first time. Even though there were a lot of people, we had enough room for us to train. First we did about an hour and half dynamic stretching. For teacher Mike, this stretching exercises are basics. For us, it is already very advance. Then after a small break, two groups were formed, one doing the basics for Hsing I (internal power generation and linear strikes and split strikes) and the second group for Bagua (circle movements to achieve joint locking and contra joint locking, the style that has influenced Ueshiba's Aikido). It was a very good class, as teacher Mike never held back with his knowledge. It was as usual a lot for us to digest. But this is Kung Fu training at its best!

After the classes, Kim treated us a very tasty home made cake (honey and walnut). Thank you very much indeed! Now I will stay away from supermarket cakes.

I also had the chance to hear teacher Mike's thought on the space and how to improve it: There will mirrors in the future, a weapon rack and other martial arts equipments. For stretching, there will be Yoga mats... These are just a few thoughts, but it is already happening. Thank you Laoshi! 

click on the photo to enlarge (sorry, no wide angle lens, so I have to assemble something together) photo KL.


Bailung e.V. said...

Looks great! Can´t wait to see it and train in it!
November I will be in Antwerp again ...

Magaly said...

We were really looking forward to it. It's awsome to be able to train in our own space. And when the details are finished it's going to be even better.

See you soon Jochen.
Come check it out everbody!

Nigel Ainscoe said...

New space looks great. I need an excuse to come over to Antwerp again so I can train with you