Sunday, 30 November 2008

Baji-Pigua in many exercises from teacher Mike

Since training under teacher Mike, I have noticed that many of his warming-up (proper word: basics) contains the foundation of his power-building and body structure. His basics are part of the complete Kung Fu training, yet it is so easy and complex that it is like an art on its own. One can easily only focus on basics and get really strong with his body.

The most common and frequently exercise is the one where we stand in mabu (horse stand) and swing the relaxed arms from left to right and right to left (continuous). I am fascinated with this simple looking exercise, because apart from not being simple at all, it is also the foundation of pigua Kung Fu. The exercise we do generates power and corrects body alignment for all kinds of martial arts. Baji-Piqua remains for me a fascinating fighting art. Here I found an interesting example, though not from teacher Mike:

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