Sunday, 2 November 2008

The missing photos: Mike Laoshi's birthday

During the Belgium camp, we celebrated teacher Mike's birthday, which was on the 5th of October. We tried to surprise him, but as usual, he was ahead of the game. Lesson number xxxxx: never try to fool your teacher ;).

Anyway, we got him in the room with all the teachers and the students and we gave him our best wishes. I waited to put the photos on the blog because the camp info needed a bit of time to digest.  Here they are, the missing photos!

A poster of teacher Mike composed of little pictures of his students.

A scroll which teacher Mike has been looking for but was hard to find.

A card signed by all of his students and a high end photo printer (Teacher Mike is a skilled photographer in his free time).
Mike Laoshi: "Pass the card and the photo to the students so they can see it."

From the German students: a nice bottle of whisky (one of the students: "Pass this one too, Mike Laoshi!")

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