Sunday, 5 April 2009

Mike Laoshi is back, training as usual!

For the students in Belgium, Mike Laoshi is back from teaching at seminaries in the states. It would be nice to hear from the participants in the states about the seminaries. Of course during Laoshi's absence, it is important for us to practise both at home and in the training hall.

That is what Kung Fu is about, keep training! :) Never give up!
Many of us came to train in the school during Laoshi's absence, and those who didn't come really missed out a good time with the Kung Fu brothers and sisters together.  There was a chance to exchange knowledge between us and just practising by ourselves. It was a good chance too for us to repeat all the stuff Mike Laoshi has been teaching us so far and enhanced the sense of training independently. Each training methodology has its ability to add skills and experiences from different angles, be it a private or group training with Mike Laoshi, training by ourselves, training alone, a seminar with Mike Laoshi or the other teachers in China or Taiwan. All has its benefits. The key is training, and make time to train. From my encounters with all the masters, I have noticed they have one thing in common: dedication.

With dedication we will get there.

So classes with Mike Laoshi are starting again.

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