Thursday, 27 March 2008

Mike Martello Sifu visits Osnabrueck

Hi everybody,

last Saturday Mike Sifu visit our small Trainingscamp in Osnabrueck. He came the way from Antwerp just for one day to help me teaching my Students. And it was a lot of help.
Together with Dieter, Mike came in the early morning (of course they lost at least one time the way ;) ) and after a Cup of tea and a short warm up, he started to get into the important stuff. 
So in the morning he taught the first 3 of 6 Mantis Roads. Although it was basic stuff, Mike made it a challenge for everybody. The Details, once more, were the key to understanding!
After a break and Lunch Mike worked in the afternoon at more Basics. This time it was Relaxing Power and a lot of partnering Stuff. He finished with his (and everybody elses) favourite: ChinNa. Well, what could I say? Everybody had plenty of fun and get a deep insight in Mikes way of Gong Fu. It was great. Also, an old Kung Fu Brother of mine, Claudio Fabbricatore, came for a visit. He was not too shy to put on his Training Dress and to train with everybody together, regardless of his Teaching Position since years. He was not only there to visit me, but also eager to meet Mike. And so he really enjoyed the day and the exchange with Mike Sifu. 

In the evening we sat down to have Dinner and Mike, in a very good mood, told us a lot about the background of Kung Fu, Forms and History besides his personal Journey through Martial Arts.

It was a great Visit and Mike really helped all of us a lot to improve. So when I gave him a small envelope to cover Gas and other expenses and he rejected, he had of course no chance! 
But more of all everybody wants to thank Mike for his great and dedicated training! Thanks Mike Sifu.

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