Saturday, 29 March 2008

New space update: Painters needed!

Dear Wu Tan brothers and sisters,
I went to see the new space yesterday and it looks really good, high ceilings, large training area. Great for forms and weapon training... Teacher Mike, Rosa, Vincent, Dieter (and occasionally other Kung Fu brothers and sisters) have put a great deal of work to make this happen; our own training space.

At this moment, we need help to do the painting. With a big group, this will be fun and worthwhile. The more help we get, the faster the space will be available for us. So let's do it!

We need painters for: Wed. night starting at 7:30 pm, Marnix Straat 25
(Big Blue Doors), Antwerp, 2060

Please reply Dieter at: dieter dot de dot potter @ g mail dot com

Wear old clothes...

Thank you,
Wutan New Club
photo by teacher Mike martello

1 comment:

Bailung e.V. said...

Already looking good! Can´t wait to see it when everythings done! Will be there end of April! :)