Monday, 17 March 2008

Wu Tan's fashion:

Yesterday, Dieter came up with a box full of new training clothes, the idea is to get the school more unified. There are both ladies and men's style. Some of the ladies t-shirt are close fitted (not shown)  and the men's are baggy (I am sure Maxim would love one of the ladies' t-shirts, Renaat possibly have ordered one, which means I would have to fight for one as well). Just ask Dieter next time before or after training about it, if you wish to buy one.
No, we are not trying to make a fashion statement. Unification is important, and we also want to look good during training... and being comfortable of course. I asked Ollie why the ladies get to wear nice fitted t-shirts, while the men have to wear baggy stuff. It seems the design of the clothing (baggy streetwear) refers to teacher  Mike's root in New York. Actually, if you ever see him performing, watch him as he walks to the front. You will notice his "New York" walk (streetwise), a personal touch before his performance.

I wonder if teacher Mike has seen the movie "The Matrix", in this movie the world is fictional, but the protagonists could wear very cool clothes they like just by imagining. As for us students, we can't do the moves yet, but at least we can still look cool. 

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