Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Seminar in Germany

Hello Everybody,

I like to invite all my fellow belgium Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters to Germany.

Mike will give an Seminar about some Tang Lang and QinNa. So I hope a lot of you will join and we can have some fun together (like BBQ etc in the evening!).

Here is the schedule:

Sat, 30 August, 12-5 pm
Tang Lang, Jibengong, QinNa
50 Euro

For those who are interested in staying over Night, there will be an extra Training with Mike Sifu on Sunday. (30 Euro) You can put your head down to sleep in the Clubs room: plenty of place, shower and mats.

Please send me a small note if you want to join!

Hope to see you all at the 30th of August!

Greets Jochen

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