Sunday, 3 August 2008

Value of training basics? (a short notice)

Teacher Mike has been teaching Magaly and I the details of Erlu Maifu Quan, a long fist form. Once we get the corrections, we go often training by ourselves and helping eachother. Corrections were on alignment and correct movement. For every move, we try to work on the applications. Even though we are novices. It helps us to execute the moves with the right intention. When a move is executed with the correct martial intention, it looks more beautiful. Whenever there is extra time, we would do other drills. I would practise Tongbei and Magaly Shaolin.

Before in Beijing, I wasn't very convinced with Magaly's Shaolin form, only because there wasn't enough time for her to go through the form properly. Also, we didn't trained enough on the basics. Thus all movement were sloppy and looking ineffective. But recently, I saw her practicing the Shaolin form, and although not perfect, I could clearly see more crisp movements and strong rooting in her form. Suddenly, the form looks interesting.

This is a positive experience for us as students, it encourages us to train the basic (Ji ben gong, Long Fist) more.

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