Sunday, 31 August 2008

Seminar with Mike Martello Sifu

Seminar with Mike Martello Sifu

This weekend was another seminar with Mike Sifu. The plan was "Six Roads of Mantis," a compilation of basic techniques in most Mantis styles like Qi Xing, Mei Hua, Liu He, Ba Bu and Chang Chuan Tang Lang. And also JiBenGong and applications.

Because at the two days, Saturday was for all levels and on Sunday only advanced were present, only a small group participated in the seminar, it was more intensive training, and all participants felt this as very positive. Also, I had the impression that Mike Sifu was not only accepting this situation but took this as chance to give everyone as lot of corrections and tips as possible.
On Saturday, we were able to learn all 6 Roads of Mantis, and then still techniques / applications from the Pai An (press and slap) Partner form. These techniques took Mike as occasion to explain applications and the importance of Shen Fa and Bu Fa in applications.
It was very exciting to see how Mike turns the simplest technique in an extremely effective attack situation.
At the end of the first day Mike then showed some ShuaiJiao techniques which caused a lot of fun.

The actual end of the day then was at home with us for a nice BBQ. Launch was the showdown of Nemo versus Picard, a second time Picard could decide for himselve! ;) But we have eaten very well and entertain us very nice, because once again a few new faces and stories were there, like Markus from Hanover, Puja from Cologne, Christian from Oxford and Ben from Hamburg.
After a lot of interesting stories were exchanged and when the students tired and satisfied found their way into the club rooms, Mike took the opportunity to give me a little (until deep into the night) Extratime. Or, in other words, there were a few very enlightening, practical instruction!

On Sunday, then gave it an even smaller circle still more intensive lessons. The 6 Roads were once again deepened and Mike added the applications to practice. Again, Mike was not tired to stress the essence of applications: applicability of the fight is only be achieved if the techniques were alive and practiced with intention, if timing and step work is correct and if the connection to the body exists! It was Topnotch!
After Mike then in a small Intermezzo did some QinNa with me, the Idea took place, and the second training session that day was QinNa. Even more than before Mike wanted us to be "Relaxed" and to use "Circular Movement". It was fun as always.

With two large pizzas we closed the day and Seminar! And all with the firm intention, to join the next seminar in October, when Mike is going to come with 3! other teachers from China!

A warm thanks goes out to all participants for joining and of course a big thanks to Mike Martello Sifu!


Puja said...

Again a great weekend with nice people and lots of fun and training.
Hadn't seen you guys in a long time, but do I still count as "new face"? hehe ;)

Dieter said...

Indeed another great weekend an seminar in Germany. Always nice to be there. hopefully next time more students of Wutang will join us. i can't stress enough how much fun and learning you get at these seminars. And puja you are still a new face, but that is good. Me he sees as an OLD face. :-). hahaha. Hope to see you guys soon again.

Puja said...

Then I interpret it as "young face" and take it as a compliment ;-P hahaha